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Book: Revolution in World Missions
Author: K. P. Yohannan

It took me only two days to read this book, which is almost a miracle in itself, as most books don’t hold my interest long enough to finish them quickly. My mind tends to wander to the cares of the day and plans of the future. The typical American way, where our day-to-day lives overshadow the more important things in life.

In India, as well as other Asian countries, there is a true and clear sense of urgency among the native missionaries. Responding to the call of God, they willingly face stonings and death, fully understanding the verse in Hebrews that it “is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

Following the life of Dr K. P. Yohannan from childhood to his present-day status as founder and international director of Gospel for Asia, this book is indeed filled with fascinating stories and eye-opening statistics. Prepare to be moved into action as you are filled with compassion for the world of lost souls desperately needing the Gospel!

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